Replenishment of Fixed location using warehouse management

Hello folks, today I’ll be demonstrating one of the feature of advanced warehouse management that use to replenish the fast moving (fixed) locations using one of the standard replenishment engine i.e. min-max replenishment. This engine will explain how a complete pallet will be moved from one location to another fixed or fast moving location

This document will explain the pre-requisites required for replenishment and a cycle till creating work in AX. The standard demo data is used like item – B001, Site/Warehouse – 2/24

Let’s take a scenario, suppose there are seven locations in different levels in one aisle in one warehouse.

Following table explain the locations having pallets with quantity say 100 ea. and, the fixed locations say locat-02/03 having no pallets no quantities and these fixed locations will be replenish from the higher levels say locat-07/06/05/04 if they are having pallet with quantities; as demonstrated in below table


Locations Location profile License plate Quantity Replenish Locations Unit
Locat-01 Bulk-06 Pallet-08 100 Yes Ea.
Locat-02 Bulk-06 No pallet No quantity Yes Ea.
Locat-03 Bulk-06 No pallet No quantity Yes Ea.
Locat-04 Bulk-06 No pallet No quantity No Ea.
Locat-05 Bulk-06 Pallet -05 100 No Ea.
Locat-06 Bulk-06 No pallet No quantity No Ea.
Locat-07 Bulk-06 Pallet -07 100 No Ea.

As per the table shown above, there are 3 fixed locations having no pallet no quantity, and 5 normal locations in which 3 locations having pallets and quantities of 100 ea. and 2 locations with no pallet and quantities.

Following are the pre-requisites required for replenishment:

  1. Work Template: In the work template, following steps will be required to create work:
    • Select work order type – replenishment
    • Click on new
    • Enter work template code, description
    • Under the newly created header and create the pick and put work with work class as replenish

Note: Click on edit query button for created work template and click on add lines and select field as warehouse and in criteria select the warehouse code/name from lookup

  1. Location directives: In the location directives form, following actions are required to create the pick actions from locations:
    • Select work order type – replenishment
    • Location directives fast tab:
      • Click on new
      • Enter name, work type, site and, warehouse
      • Click on edit query button; select the type of replenishment as “Min-max replenishment”
  2. Lines fast tab:
    • Click on new
    • Enter the “From and To” quantity
  3. Location directives actions fast tab:
    • Click on new
    • Select fixed and non-fixed location under location usage field
    • Click on edit query. A new dialog box will be displayed.
      • Under range fast tab:
        • Select the item as – Enter the item number say “B001” Amul butter
        • Under line table-location, select field – location profile
      • Under sorting fast tab:
        • Click on add button, select field as “location” and search direction as descending
  4. Fixed Locations: In the fixed location form, following steps will be conducted:
    • Click on new
    • Select the items :– B001
    • Select site and warehouse:– 2 & 24
    • Select the location :– Locat-01
    • Repeat this step 2 more times with location as Locat-02, Locat-03
  5. Replenishment template: In replenishment template form, following steps will be required:
    • Click on new
    • Under replenishment template details:
      • Click on new
      • Enter the Replenishment template
      • Enter Description
      • Select replenishment template as Min-max replenishment
    • Under replenishment template lines:
      • Click on new
      • Enter Description
      • Enter minimum quantity – 10 ea. and maximum quantity – 100 ea.
      • Select demand increment – Round up
      • Select the check box for the following:
        • Evaluate empty fixed location
        • Replenish fixed location
        • Click on select product button. A new form will open and select the items say “B001” and close the form

As per the scenario, we are going to run the min-max replenishment engine and as per the setup, AX will create the work. A dialog box will be displayed as shown below with following information


Go to open replenishment work form under common, work will be created in AX as shown below:

  1. Work 1


As shown in above screen, locat-02 is replenish from locat-07.

As per the setup, in mobile portal/WMDP, picker will login in WMDP device and main menu will be displayed


Picker will click on display work and filter by replenishment


Picker will select the work id “USMF-000548” and below screen will be displayed.


Picker will scan the pallet and click ok. System suggested location will be displayed as shown in below screen


Picker will click ok. And work is completed.

Note: Similarly other created replenishment work, will be completed as shown and explained above

Warehouse planner, will login in AX and check replenishment work is closed or not. Planner will go to closed replenishment work under common in warehouse management module




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